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Normally, to convert this program to a new programming language, several meetings should be held to develop an executive method, and then a professional team should be hired in the new programming language, and meetings should be held between the new programming team and the old programming team, and then Write a new program within 6 months or a year, and to replace the new program, users should be trained and there should be many interruptions in the current process of the organization so that the new program may be executed with the same good efficiency as the previous program.

While our smart converter, like a robot, after adding the old program line by line, adds or subtracts the necessary items to the new program lines, so that all these processes eventually result in an operational output in the new programming language, that is, the same program. The old application with all the features is delivered in the new programming language. Because the exact method of conversion technology has been obtained, it is only necessary to change the conversion pattern to fit the input and output programming languages ​​and move the analysis to that fit. At present, this change from Fox Pro DOS text program to Visual Fox graphics and delivery of a complete application in Windows has been done completely, and in the next phases, new programming languages ​​can be developed with a professional team and with precise and professional management. Let's achieve the highest technological achievement, that is, the most powerful smart software converter from DOS to Android and Windows to iOS.

Our converter is just being developed. A very hard and precise way with a bright future.

This is a shortcoming in the software world that no company or individual has ever worked in this field due to the difficulty in moving multiple processes in parallel to have a fully operational output.

One of the great advantages of this converter is the precise and advanced programming training, so that you have at the same time the instruction of two languages ​​for a line-by-line application, and this is the best professional training class for programmers. They want to learn a new programming language.

Old programming languages ​​such as Pascal, Delphi and Fox Pro DOS and all new programming languages ​​in different operating systems such as Windows - Linux - Android - iOS will be included in the future program of this smart converter.

There are very large recruitments and very precise managements to achieve these goals.

Transferring Fox DOS programs to Visual Fox Windows is currently being done in the fastest way possible, and if customers choose, their program information tables will be transferred to the SQL or Oracle database in the same DOS coding, and this transfer will be complete. Designed by myself and I tried to solve the problems that exist in other transmitters in the world that had problems such as transferring decimal numbers to SSL and increase the accuracy of the transfer much higher And our subscribers have been using these converted programs without any problems since 2017.

There must be a lot of room for correction of existing conversion methods, which requires a purposeful move towards the precise development of a smart converter.

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