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this smart converter will be able to transfer applications Between Android - iOS - Windows - Mac -Linux fully and operationally. Our main idea is to introduce a new technology to the world of technology,Create a huge smart converter that can line-by-line program after careful analysis from one programming language written to another programming language of the user's choice and delivering the same operating program in another programming language environment ,

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A huge change without any interruption in the current business process.

We have been gaining unrivaled power since 2017..

Our converter is just being developed. A very hard and precise way with a bright future

We are at the beginning of the road and our very satisfied customers in the world are using the output of our smart converter  (Taiwan-Iraq-Iran and Request From Argentina - Poland -UAE- Saudi Arabia). We have been working on this idea since 2017.It usually takes a long time for a program in a programming language to be developed, set up, and operated by a programming team with an analysis team, and it may take some time to use the program to overcome the weakness of the programming language chosen by the programmer. Understand that at this time, converting the current program to the new programming language of the project will be very time consuming and costly and will require interruptions in organizations to teach the new program environment.

While our smart converter will analyze and review the same program line by line and will deliver it with the same shape and image and without any apparent change in the new programming language selected by the user operationally.

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  • The technology of converting tables to SQL has been done by our company with high accuracy and security without the slightest interference in data transfer
  • Table reconstruction technology has been performed by the company with high accuracy and security without the slightest disturbance in information restoration .

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