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this smart converter will be able to transfer applications Between Android - iOS - Windows - Mac -Linux fully and operationally. Our main idea is to introduce a new technology to the world of technology,Create a huge smart converter that can line-by-line program after careful analysis from one programming language written to another programming language of the user's choice and delivering the same operating program in another programming language environment .

Smart Converter blurs the line between DOS , Windows , Android , iOS , Mac And Linux operating systems, and converts any application in one programming language to another programming language easily and with great speed and accuracy (C # to Python - Java to HTML - Java to C # and Swift to Java, etc.)

That Will Blur the line between operating systems in the world operationally.One of the great advantages of this converter is the precise and advanced programming training, so that you have at the same time the instruction of two languages ​​for a line-by-line application, and this is the best professional training class for programmers. They want to learn a new programming language.